Water on Rock

My first word was book. I wrote my first story at age five. I even illustrated it. While I still draw no better now than I did then, my writing has improved. I’ve always wanted to write. And along the way to that dream I’ve been blessed to do many amazing things. I’ve been an activist, a software architect, and my current day job is keeping the web open over at Mozilla.

While Austin and Texas will always be home, I currently live on the beach in California with a great Boxer puppy. When I’m not writing, I’m usually surfing, climbing, or practicing Kung Fu.  But most of the time, I’m writing.

I love to bring people together around a cause. Whether that is bringing people together around a novel, or a food drive, or a beach cleanup, or to improve the performance automation at Mozilla, bringing people together to create change is my central passion. And when you really want to create change, you are faced with the same problem the Colorado river was faced with when it encountered all that rock in what is now northern Arizona.  It just takes persistence toward your dreams.

Water on Rock.

Rock On.

Grand Canyon Picture by Diliff

Image courtesy of Diliff and Wikipedia

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