Last Stand of Daronwy Published!

I’m so pleased to be able to finally announce that the Last Stand of Daronwy is published. It’s available in print, ebook, kindle, and pdf from my publisher’s website, Barking Rain Press.  If you like the more traditional online booksellers, you can pick up a printed copy on Amazon, a Kindle copy on Amazon, or a Nook copy at Barnes and Noble, whichever works best for you. I’ll also be announcing some dates and locations for readings soon and you can always pick up a copy from me there (or bring one you already have to get it signed).

I’m really grateful to everyone that helped with this book and encouraged me to keep going in spite of all the odds. Thank you.

Each time I say the title, I get some form of the question, “Last stand of what?” Let me explain what Daronwy is, and where it comes from.

Daronwy is the name given to the “greatest tree” in an ancient Welsh poem composed by the bard Taliesin who lived in the sixth century. I’ve known for a long time that in Celtic lore, the oak is considered the most powerful of trees. And when I found this line: “What tree is greater than he, Daronwy” from Taliesin’s poem, it felt very fitting to use that name for my oak in Twin Hills.

The original poem is a prophetic poem that seems to refer to a magic wand made from the wood of this tree Daronwy that could either bring devastation or joy, like any magic. I also found the ancient Welsh version of the poem, and the pictures of the actual manuscript. The poem of Daronwy starts at the bottom of page 13v and goes to 14r of the original. You can see “Daronwy” in the title (in red) and about two lines below that in the center of page 13v: “no get daronwy.”

I’m still working on my pronunciation of Daronwy, so any advice from Welsh speakers is more than welcome. I believe it is supposed to be said something like: /dar ON oo-ee/.

I hope you enjoy the book!


  1. Good for you Clint! I am very happy for you and wish you all the luck in the world.

  2. Hello Clint,

    My wife, Joni, ran into Janice yesterday. Janice told Joni that you are an author. I write a book blog – As a local author, I will read your book and blog about it. Once I have posted the review, I will let you know. And if you are speaking/book signing anywhere in the Bay Area, please let me know. I would like to meet you.


    P.S. I just put it in my cart at Amazon

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